Fasting is something that we all have done at some point in our life. Other than following religious beliefs, people also do fasting to lose weight and get slim. Well, if you want to do fasting for the second reason, we have good news for you. 


ProLon Diet Plan is an effective weight loss diet backed by 20 years of long medicinal Research. It is one of the world’s first FMD ( Fasting Mimicking Diet) to support healthy weight loss and management. It is a fasting diet of five days but with healthy food at your disposal. Fasting with ProLon offers a unique way to drop off stubborn and excess weight and make you comfortable with your body weight.




However, with all the claims made about the product helping to shed weight, there arise certain questions like is the Prolon diet plan effective for weight loss. If you want to try the product and are still sceptical about the claims it makes, we are here to help. Here we will check the facts about ProLon Diets Plan to find out whether it is the right companion for your weight loss journey. 

What Is ProLon Fasting Diet?

The ProLon is a fast Mimicking Diet that offers a method to fast with food. During this Diet, you consume very limited calories over the five days course. You will only eat the food items that come with this fasting kit and avoid other regular food products for whole five days. This dietary kit claims to lose and manage the user’s weight. This five-day ProLon Fasting should be done once a month for four straight months to lose around 8.2 lbs. and 1.6 inches off the waist portion.

Is ProLon Diet Effective For Weight Loss?

Yes, the ProLon Fasting diet is found effective in weight loss as it is formulated to imitate changes in Metabolism that can happen from short fasting. ProLon diet weight loss program is the Fast Mimicking Diet. It reset the metabolic level by aiding the body to improve its reaction to insulin and leads to weight loss and optimal health. 

What Are The Foods To Eat During ProLon Diet?

Actually, when you are on your ProLon Diet, you limit the choices of food. You can only have the food and drink that comes in the ProLon kit. The kit consists of whole vegetarian, lactose, and Gluten-free food. The food items include Organic energy bars, various snacks, drinks and supplements, and varieties of soups of different flavours (minestrone, vegetable, tomato, mushroom and quinoa). You have to take particular items at a specific time of the day for the whole five days following the routine.


Breakfast: A fast bar, Algal Oil packet, and Herbal Tea

Lunch: A bowl of tomato soup, Kale and Almond crackers servings, and two NR-1 packets

Noon:  A packet of Olives & Herbal Tea

Dinner: 1 Butternut Squash Soup & energy I.F. Bar

What Are The Alternative Food You Can Have During ProLon Diet?

Typically, it is suggested to avoid regular food and only stick to items in the ProLon kit while doing this Diet. It is believed that the other food items may discourage the purpose of fasting and can break the fast. However, there are some alternative foods and drinks that you can add while doing ProLon Diet that, include:


  • Unlimited Caffeine-free and Unsweetened Herbal teas.

  • All kinds of sparkling water but with no sugar

  • Caffeine of only about 140mg per day

  • Dried spices and herbs combined with other soups and food of about a spoon daily.

  • A tablespoon of Sea Salt per day

  • Squeezed lemon but not eaten ( about 2 slices every day)

  • Sugar-free gum ( about 2 slices every day)


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Potential Side-Effects Of Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet 

The ProLon dietary kit has been medically evaluated and has proven beneficial for the body in many ways, including healthy weight loss. Also, the ProLon has been studied to see if they adversely affect users. During the whole study and evaluation period, it has been found that it is good to consult with a Health expert before starting with this dietary or Fast-mimicking program. Because sometimes, this fasting diet can be an intense change for your body to adjust.


Fatigueness, Weakness, and Headaches are some of the adverse effects users can feel during the ProLon diet. Also, some medicinal studies have found that the blood sugar of users doing the ProLon diet can possibly get low, and the user can faint and feel constipated. 

Prolon Weight Loss Reviews

After reviewing the whole info about ProLon Diet, it’s time to review the feedback of happy clients who put their faith in the product and came out extremely happy with its results. Let’s read the user’s experiences and review the Prolon before and after pictures users share.


Alison : (48 years)

I just wanted to say what a success the ProLon diet Kit has proven to me. I am feeling much better now, losing about 7 lbs and inches. The best thing is this Diet has totally changed my mindset about food intake. It proves that not only a strict diet and intense workout sessions can help you lose weight. I am looking forward to doing my next ProLon weight-loss fasting.



Maria: (37 years)

Honestly, I was a little worried at first when I started doing ProLon. But trust me, I am on my 5th day and feeling amazing. I lost a good bloated area off my waist circumference, and now I am lighter in fit, skin, and eyes Glow.




The Prolon is Fast Mimicking Diet that helps users lose weight and has many other health benefits. If done correctly and safely, the Prolon can offer you desired body by shedding excessive weight. Also, this Diet can be dangerous for pregnant and Breastfeeding women and people undergoing other medications and treatments. Thus, it’s important to consult with the doctor first to determine if the Prolon is right for you. 


Lose Fat Now is a go-to place to get the most legitimate and effective Prolon Diet kit. This five-day fasting kit can drop your excess weight and give you the desired body. You don’t need to put yourself at intense workout sessions and starve the whole time. Following our Prolon Dietary Programme, you can manage or lose weight and get your confidence and charm back. Visit our website and order the Prolon Dietary kit and dial us at for related queries.

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