Does Amyl Guard Really Work In Fat Loss

Obesity has become a big issue, and losing weight or fat is now becoming one of the biggest concerns in the coming youth. This has led to the start of many schedules related to diet and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Losing fat is a big struggle and requires determination and healthy habits. But, it is worth doing as the satisfaction it will give you is unmatched. 

One thing is for sure, and that is that it is challenging to lose weight. It takes time. Exercise is essential, but you should also pay attention to a good diet routine. To further assist your growth, you can use dietary supplements. Ensure that the supplements you use are from a trustworthy brand. The purpose of a fat loss supplement is only to assist you with the fat loss goal. You must do more than depend entirely on a supplement and expect it to yield results. Also, beware of the supplements that use artificial ingredients which can harm your body. 



Amyl Guard is among the best weight loss supplements, also known as one of the safest. It contains ingredients that are 100% natural and based on amylase theory which can help lose weight. It works by halting the production of amylase in the body, the part responsible for fat storage. 

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Lauren developed the supplement after watching her daughter struggle with weight loss. The mother and daughter have been struggling with weight loss for several years by starving themselves. The daughter even ended up in the hospital due to excessive starvation. It got the mother to start searching for a natural weight-loss solution. It ultimately led to the 5-second formula, which helps people lose fat naturally.

How Does Amyl Guard Work For Weight Loss?   

There is a digestive enzyme known as amylase. It is responsible for starch digestion and also works in the stomach. It plays an essential role in the digestion of sugars that are broken down from carbohydrates. However, too high or low amylase levels in the system can be problematic.  

Even though amylase helps digestion, as the body ages, it starts producing excess amylase for breaking down food. It gets the body to enter fat-storing mode. This is where Amyl Guard comes in. It contains nutrients that help regulate amylase production, which leads to more effective digestion of fats and carbs. As a result, the body starts to burn fat leaving no room for the storage of fat.  

Ingredients Used In Amyl Guard 

Amyl Guard is a product by Nutraville that blends in four ingredients that help in weight loss. It replicates the Green Heart Okinawa, providing similar nutrients, but the ingredients are different. The four primary ingredients are:

  • White Kidney Bean – These beans are a part of typical Japanese dishes. It can help with the reduction of cancer and also control blood sugar levels. 
  • Bitter Melon Extract – It is a common plant you can find anywhere worldwide. It can help with the shedding of visceral fats and facilitate glucose synthesis at a cellular level. 
  • Chromium Picolinate – Chromium picolinate is another form of chromium and a common ingredient used in weight loss supplements. It can help in controlling hunger and food cravings. 
  • Berberine – It is obtained from the Berberis shrub and can help reduce cholesterol levels. It can also help in the regulation of blood pressure. 

Benefits Of Amyl Guard

Amyl Guard is a weight loss supplement, but it is much more that. It can also help in the improvement of mental health. The ingredients it contains can also help boost memory and raise cognitive skills. It also has abundant vitamins and other nutrients that can help in boosting immunity.  

Since the ingredients are completely natural, it is very safe to use the product. There are no adverse side effects on the body of the user. Boosting metabolic activities, preventing the accumulation of fat, controlling blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and energizing the body are some of the major benefits of Amyl Guard. 

Amyl Guard Reviews

If there are still doubts about this product, let us share some reviews that may help you change your mind.


“I lost 50 lbs of belly fat without any diet or exercise, just using Amyl Guard. I took it for about two months to lose a lot of fat and I lost my first 10 lbs in the first two weeks of using it. I also did not stop eating junk food at that time.”
“I lost 32 lbs of fat after using Amyl Guard. My figure transformed from a bloated belly to the figure I had before I gave birth to my baby. Now I feel more enthusiastic than ever.”

If you are still not satisfied, then let us tell you that there was a clinical trial where all of the participants consuming Amyl Guard lost a significant amount of weight in 2 months.

Where To Buy?

If you are in search of a place to buy Amyl Guard, we recommend you purchase from our online store. Unfortunately, there are a lot of illegitimate sources that are there to scam you using the name of the product. You can purchase from our website, which offers the original and verified product.

At Lose Fat Now, we strive to provide you with the safest weight loss plans and supplements so that you can move toward a healthier life without any worries. If you have any queries, you can contact us via email at You can also check out our other plans and supplements on our website.

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